Single Serve Craft Cocktail Mix - Passion Fruit Margarita


The Passion Fruit isn't the prettiest fruit..but damn it is delicious! Total tropical vibes with this one. Give it a shot over ice or even blended for a frozen version.

Noble Mick's single serve craft cocktails are the perfect way to enjoy a craft cocktail anywhere, anytime. At home or on the go there is no need to have all the ingredients to make your favorite cocktail. These cocktails are ready to go when you are. Simply add H2O and Spirit, shake or stir with ice and enjoy. Never overly sweet or artificial tasting. 

  • Ingredients: We use 100% REAL fruit and vegetable powders. No artificial flavorings or colors. Our fruit powder is dried using UV light and never undergoes any chemical treatments. It makes a difference! When re hydrated it is real fruit juice. You can taste the difference! 
  • Made in the US 

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