Groom Me Kit, 5 Pack For Face, Hair, Eye


This groom me kit includes 5 different type of self care items. 

15 MIN HAIR MASK(x1)—Deep nourishing and repairing hair damage. Coconut oil, and sesame seed extract help damaged hair to achieve shiny and vibrant hair.

15 MIN FACE MASK (X3) Collagen Mask— Firming& Moisturizing. Collagen helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce the sign of aging. Tea Tree Mask – Soothing & Moisturizing. Tea Tree calms irritated skin. Hyaluronic Facial Mask- Moisturizing & Plumping. Hyaluronic Acid provides immediate moisture and helps to restore the hydration of the skin.

15 MIN EYE MASK (x1) – Brightening &Firming. Collagen eye patch softens and moisturizes an eye area.

VERSATILE USE: This kit is perfect for personal pampering, gift-giving, or travel. Addresses various skin needs, ideal for all genders, and enhances overall skin health 

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