Gold Carded Necklace - Unstoppable - FINAL SALE


Unstoppable Necklace:

The unstoppable disc necklace features one of a kind handwritten “unstoppable” text on our ⅝” coin necklace. comes with an affirmation card you can put on your bathroom mirror or desk and repeat daily. it reads: i am power. i am momentum. i am unstoppable. my goals and ambitions carve a clear path without interruption. when challenges arise, i find the strength to overcome and rise above. with clear focus and unyielding inner strength, nothing stands in my way. i choose to build on every success and keep pushing forward.

Moon/Stars Necklace:

ABUNDANCE • the moon and stars tell a story of abundance, spreading light and hope through the darkest nights. we can’t even begin to imagine how far the cosmos stretch. this piece is a reminder that your blessings and possibilities are just as limitless.

Sun Necklace

GRATITUDE • life is a cycle – full of restarts and new beginnings. bask in gratitude and embrace simple pleasures. every day the sun crests the horizon, we have another opportunity to live our best life. positivity erases doubt, just like shadows under a noontime sun.

  • All necklaces are 14 gold filled
  • pendant: ⅝”(unstoppable)
  • pendant: 16x15mm (moon and stars)
  • pendant: 15x15mm (sun)
  • strung on our avery box chain in 18”
  • Comes with description card 
  • Made in United States of America


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